A story from a very special couple who are my clients and my dear friends…

I asked my dear friends Jane and  Duncan to write a little bit about their lives so I could share it with you.  Have a read of this amazing story.  Hope you enjoy this and wishing you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!



“Hello folks. we are here to first foot you, and to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. We are Jane and Duncan who have known Susi for a good few years, and we are very friendly with her and her husband Grant.

To put you properly in the picture, we are a blind couple. Duncan always had bad sight and actually lost what he had in his thirties, while I lost my sight and a fair bit of my hearing when I was three. I contracted meningitis.

Duncan was born to parents who worked on the land, and had to leave home when he was five to go to the royal blind school in Edinburgh. However I was born in Perth, but after my illness my parents left Perth and returned to Dundee where they were originally from. There was a school in Dundee where I could be educated. However, when I was twelve, I wanted to receive a secondary education and so was accepted to go to Edinburgh. My parents didn’t want me to have to go there when I was five. Well of course, Duncan and I met there when we were twelve – there is only eleven days between us. It wasn’t until we were eighteen when we became interested in each other, and shortly after that, Duncan went to Dundee to work in the workshops for the blind and disabled. He made bedroom furniture and a few years later, he came up to Aberdeen to open a department for making bedroom furniture which was very successful. He eventually became an instructor. For myself, I stayed on another year, and was trained as a shorthand typist and finally returned to Dundee where I worked in the Jute Industry. I was there for seven years, after which I got married to Duncan, we were now twenty-six. Of course, we settled in Aberdeen where we bought rather a nice little flat. That was in 1963, and in 1967, our son Kenneth was born. He was a very lively and happy child, but once he went to school things changed. He was taunted at both  primary school and secondary school, and when he was fourteen, we moved to a house in Kincorth, where things changed for the better. He then built up a friendship with various people, and really had lots of happy times, but circumstances changed rather, and a deep depression took over. He died when he was thirty-four which was fifteen years ago. He was a great person, and the three of us were very close, we know he helped a lot of people and made them happy, looking after various people with problems despite his own.

We have managed fine as a blind couple, having our own ways of doing things which I have no doubt are slower than people with their sight, but as far as we are concerned, that doesn’t matter, as long as we can do most things. Blindness can be a real nuisance, but what disability isn’t!

We have many wonderful friends, including of course, Susi. She gives us a treatment when she can, and helps us out in different ways which is nice. She even gave up a day on two different occasions, to take us down to see my sister who is in a Nursing Home in Clackmannanshire which is quite a bit away. I think it is wonderful that she should give up a day of her many busy and special days. She speaks about taking us down again in the spring, so we shall see what happens.

I don’t quite know what else to tell you without boring you, so perhaps I should leave it at that.

I think Susi is amazing considering that she does various treatments, does a lot for charity, keeps a big house and runs. I don’t know where she gets the energy. I think Duncan and I have known her for around ten to twelve years. We are very friendly with her husband Grant of course. He works in the oil industry, but always pays us a visit when he is home – rather nice.

I would mention that we are now in sheltered accommodation and have been for three and a half years. Our house in Kincorth became a bit too much. Duncan loves gardening and had a beautiful garden in Kincorth, but it was in fact becoming  too much work for him, and as far as the house was concerned, there were stairs inside the house, which ultimately I couldn’t cope with, and also steps into the back yard which were proving an irritation, as I have back problems. Never mind, we are happy here in this sheltered accommodation.

Well, we must be off to see some other people, so have a happy time whatever you do.

Very best wishes,



“Life is for living, not for existing …”

Hi All, take a look and read this amazing story from one of my clients.

Lowri Cameron has inspired me so much with attitude to life.  Lowri has suffered from health issues and anxiety and has turned her life around by taking up running.  She has recently completed the Scottish Stirling Marathon, a huge achievement built up over only 9 months.  She has progressed through disappointment and success and with support from others and determination of her own has replaced her anxiety issues and lack of confidence with strength and will-power to carry on and do more.

It is true what they say, “Life is for living, not for existing …”  Lowri Cameron            

Click on the link below to read more…

Lowri Cameron blog

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Stonehaven Parkrun – 5km

stonehaven-park-runEver fancy doing a run but think everyone else is so much better than you?

I take part in the Stonehaven Parkrun every week when I can and it is casual, fun and no pressure.  I get a result of where I came in my category each week by email, how many runners there were and sometimes I try to beat my personal best, but other times I just go for the exercise and the fresh air.

It’s EVERY SATURDAY at Mineralwell Park, Stonehaven so if it’s not too far for you, come along!  Children and dogs welcome.  NO FEE.

If  you want to ask me any questions or meet me one Saturday to run together, then contact me via email on susiadams1971@yahoo.co.uk.


GEF Haddo House Run Sunday 22nd January 2017

I am amazed at the amount raised at the Gathimba Edwards Foundation Haddo House Run. A whopping £2,307 and the Foundation say this is 4 times the amount raised last year.  This is enough to build a 2-bedroom house for one of their families in Kenya.

Lily from my clinic went along to the run and said it was a great turnout.  A lovely crisp but chilly Sunday morning bought floods of young families, keen runners, men, women, children, dog walkers and generally everyone looking for a fun challenge.  It was well organised with every runner wearing a runner’s bib, there were stewards directing runners and spectators.  The Foundation were selling pens, pads, and bracelets for the charity too.  It was great to see children taking part and of course all entries were paid for and proceeds went to GEF.  The two cafes served delicious warm snacks, hot drinks, scones and other fine pieces.  It was a rewarding day all round.  I was sorry I missed it, but hope to be at next year’s one.

Well done GEF for their organisation.









Haddo House Cross Country (GEF)

Gathimba Edwards Foundation (GEF) are holding their yearly cross country run on Sunday 22nd January 2017 at Haddo House Estate.

Sadly I will miss this –  being new as a sponsor to the Foundation, am so disappointed to miss their first charity event.  If you’re free and want to brush away the cobwebs over Christmas, get some fresh air and join in the run.  It’s casual and looks a lot of fun.   There are categories for all ages.



gathimba-edwards-logoHaddo House Cross Country run 2016